Below are some answers to frequent questions. If you don’t see your question in this list, please contact us and we will be glad to help!

How do I access Long-Term Care placement?

When seeking a Nursing Home bed, the first step is to contact the Community Care Access Centre in your region, and arrange to be assessed for eligibility and placed on the waiting list.

How much will Long-Term Care cost me?

Effective July 1, 2009 thru June 30, 2010, current rates as set by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care are:

Type of Accommodation Daily Monthly
Basic: $49.76 $1614.21
Semi-Private $57.76 $1857.55
Private $67.76 $2161.29

What should I bring with me?

All residents are provided with a bed and mattress, a night table and a wardrobe. Residents are encouraged to bring in one or two items of personal furniture which are in good repair, for their room. For example, a resident may bring in a high-boy type chest of drawers, on which a television might be placed and a medium sized chair. A cork noticeboard on which photographs may be placed, or some pictures for the wall will help to personalize space. Electrical appliances such as a radio, television, telephone, fan sna lamp must be CSA approved and checked by the Environmental Manager prior to use.

Decisions about furniture layout in the room are based on resident needs, safety (for both residents and staff) and cleaning requirements. It is the resident/family responsibility to clean upholstered furniture brought into the facility. It is the resident’s responsibility to arrange for tenant liability insurance for his/her belongings.


We have no set visiting hours. Visitors are welcome at any time which suits the resident.